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A programação do seminário conta com a mesa redonda ‘Plataformas digitais e sua aplicação na preservação e difusão de acervos audiovisuais’, com o mediador Antônio Laurindo, do Arquivo Nacional.

Os debatedores serão Rubens Ribeiro Gonçalves da Silva, da Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), que abordará a iniciativa Legatum, um conjunto de metodologias colaborativas para repositórios digitais de preservação de acervos audiovisuais; e Antônio Júnior, do Centro de Mídia Independente, que discutirá o tema "Audiovisual como estratégia de informação e comunicação alternativa em contraponto à grande mídia"; e Victor Ribeiro, representante da Witness Brasil, que fará o lançamento da publicação 'Guia de Arquivamento de vídeo para ativistas'.

As a resource, it aims to interest collectors, users and educators alike, as it offers compelling examples and strategies founded in evidence-based research.

Its authors, who come from fifteen different countries and institutional contexts, explore the diversity of sound and image collections, and highlight innovative, creative and cost-effective strategies for coping with constant technological change and meagre resources.

SOIMA: Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage is available now and free to download.

The book offers tips and advice from dedicated professionals from all corners of the world for the preservation and creative use of sound and image heritage.

From Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 October, we will be exhibiting the following films in 35mm prints restored by Cinemateca:24/10 - O Padre e a Moça (The Priest and the Girl) by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade (presenting Paulo José)25/10 - Quando o Carnaval Chegar (When Carnival Comes) by Carlos Diegues26/10 - O Homem Nu (The Naked Man), by Roberto Santos (presenting Paulo José)27/10 - Eles Não Usam Black-Tie (They Don't Wear Black Tie) by Leon Hirszman28/10 - Macunaíma, by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade (presenting Paulo José)Filmes cubanos con motivo del Día mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual.

La Cinemateca de Cuba celebró el día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual, los días 27, 28 y 29 de octubre, en la sala 1 del multicine Infanta, sede temporal de la Cinemateca de Cuba, con una programación especial de filmes, documentales y noticieros cubanos, donde destacaron filmes como Yerma, Fresa y chocolate y te llamarás inocencia., incluyó además documentales como La Rumba, Gladys Gonzales y los Bucaneros, la Cubanita y otros cortos y los noticieros latinoamericanos.

This year, on the very same World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we're proud to present the Selected Readings from the 2015 conference!

Promote your shared archive events and celebrations with the archive community worldwide .

Remember: Audio-visual archives are a cornerstone of the memory of the world, with recordings that enable recall for future generations and give context to our shared history, culture and humanity for over a century.

In addition, the lecturers focused on the methods and tools of conversion and preservation and the most important challenges facing the audiovisual archive, through workshops that dealt with how to plan and determine the requirements and needs to access a secure and integrated archive.

In celebration of the 2017 UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on the theme of ‘Discover Remember and Share’, FIAT/IFTA has taken an audiovisual look back at its own 40 year history in a series of interviews and moments in time from the archives which recall the founding of the Federation, its mission, growth, and impact since 1977.

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